Web Hosting


Never lose your valuable data again! Our hosting packages come with customizable backup options. Weekly backups are run on the server. You can also download your backup and restore your entire website, email, and database content if needed.


Simply put...storage is "the amount of disk space your files take up on the server." Some hosting companies claim to offer UNLIMITED SPACE! Which means you're paying for space you'll never use. Zoink makes it a practice to alot you only the amount of space you NEED. If it turns out you need more, we simply charge for the extra space...not the price of a package upgrade.


Bandwidth is "the amount of data transfered from your site across the internet". EX: If you have a 1MB image that is accessed 100 times in a month...you have used 100MB of your bandwidth. It is the job of your web designer to optimize your site resulting in faster page loading and seamless navigation.

Email Accounts

Every hosting account we offer comes with it's own Webmail management tools including Spam Blocker, Auto Responders, Mailing Lists, Filtering, Email Trace, Forwarders, and Email Authentication.


Store your site and customer data in a secure location that is backed up weekly. Zoink offers a MySQL wizard that will get your database up and running in no time!