Things to consider before starting a website!'ve reached the point in your companies developement that you think you need a website. If done right, a website can be the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. But launching a new website can be a bit daunting, especially if this is your first time. So here are "just a few" things to consider before you rush into it and get in over your head.

Basic Preproduction

  • What will be the primary use for the site? - your list of needs
  • Do you need to collect payments online? - SSL or Merchant Account
  • Will there be any reason for you or your customers to have an online account? - databases?
  • Will you be updating often? - pictures, events, or news headlines

Your "Like List"

  • Competitor sites - sites that offer similar services
  • Preferred color scheme - try to stay within two or three complimentary colors
  • Content to fill each page - think PowerPoint, it's a precursor to a web site
  • Preferred layout/design style - top or side navigation? flashy or business?
  • Start organizing photos that pertain to your company - beware copyright rules
  • LOGOS - the higher quality the better - vector if you can manage

Site Map

  • This list should include every page you need produced - About - Products - Partners - Contacts - News/Events - Etc.